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9/30/2015 5:30pm San Francisco, CA Meetup Event
Cloud Foundry Meetup
Speaker: Sam Ramji, CF Foundation: David Aiken, HP Helion: Ali Spivak, Mozilla
Speakers from the Cloud Foundry Foundation, HP Helion and Mozilla will talk about the open source cloud foundry project and what it means for the developer landscape. Watch live http://bit.ly/CFMeetupSFRegister
9/30/2015 6:00pm Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo Meetup Event
Winning in the New Style of IT
Speaker: Tom Goh, HP Helion
Find out more about how your organization can win in today’s New Style of IT the Developers’ Journey, the current PaaS landscape, DevOps culture, and HP Helion OpenStack and HP Helion Development Platform.Register
10/12/2015 1:30-5:00pm New York, NY Technical Workshop
Real world cloud: Strategies for
Speaker: David Aiken and Sujay Maheshwari, HP Helion
Along with a super quick introduction to Cloud Foundry and Open Stack, this talk will take you through a series of questions and situations which we all face while designing and building applications in the context of cloud.Register
11/2/2015 Berlin, Germany Technical Conference
Cloud Foundry Summit
Speaker: Coming Soon
The premiere event for developers and cloud operators using the open source PaaS: Cloud Foundry.Register